Here at Spring active we are a back pain information resource site. We are not Medical professionals but aim to have many helpful articles from Health and Fitness professional regarding back health on our site.

Back pain is common and affects around one-third of the UK adult population each year. Fortunately for most people the pain, gets better over a few weeks or months and they soon return to their normal activities including work. In a small percentage of people however, the pain continues for longer than 3 months and this is known as chronic, persistent or long term back pain.
The evidence suggests that the best approach to help people with long term back pain is to provide a combined psychological and physical treatment programme, so that they are able to return to activities that are important to them.

We will aim to have back Fitness articles from the expert Personal Training Liverpool Street team on a monthly basic with tips and back strengthening workouts.


All information on this site is our opinion only, we are not medical professionals and advice seeking advice from a qualified health professional before starting any new exercises or following any suggestions/advice on this website.