5 tips for injury prevention

5 tips for injury prevention


Injuries are mainly caused due to two reasons that are either due to trauma or overuse. According to DR Andrew rosacea, it is being said that injuries are very common and that can be due to many reasons. But people playing on the field are having the great risk of these injuries. Injuries are mainly caused when the body pushed past its current physical limits.  But it is being said that poor techniques like excessive running and doing excessive warm-ups are also the great reason for the cause of injuries. So keep you and you’re loved once safe there are some tips for the prevention of these injuries.

As if you are a coach then the main responsibility to make sure that the beginner to an athlete is safe from all the injuries so that he can easily achieve their main goals. So here are some tips that will help you in keeping your body safe from all injuries.

5 tips for preventing injuries

Make realistic goals that can be achieved, but it is being said that the goals are crucial, realistic and achievable and sustainable as well. So weather your goals are to swim more laps. Lift a certain weight or move to a certain distance. Make sure that you obtain goals that can be easily obtained and then work hard so that they can be improved.

Plan and prepare– if your plan is to exercise regularly or you want to make a plan, and then make sure that you meet your primary care provider and then discuss the options. Make sure you learn all the techniques in a proper way. Working with your personal trainer or signing up with a class can help you in offering a safe and an enjoyable way to start.

Warm up and cool down– it is very important that you warm up before you are doing any physical exercise so that your muscles a less likely to be strained. And after you finish with your exercise make sure that you cool down yourself slowly. Another way through which you can prevent injuries is through flexibility. So this can be down by exercising backward and downward.

Take your time– make sure that you don’t push yourself too hard that and too fast. Getting yourself in shape needs time, you have to push yourself and should gradually increase the time of your training. So that the bodies have enough time so that it can adjust to the stress on their bones. So while running increase mileage, you gradually have to yourself time so that you can recover between the workouts.

Listen to your body– make sure that you adjust your activities, so if your body is showing some signs of stress. Short mild and short-lived pain is considered as good pain. But the pain of joints and normally said as bad pain so make sure that you exercise only till your body says and is able to take the pain.

These are our 5 tips for injury prevention.