5 Healthy Back Tips

5 Healthy Back Tips

5 Healthy Back Tips


Sedentary lifestyles and modern living are reeking havoc on our spinal health.  From long days sitting at desks to fashion shoes that offer no support to the body, our spines are suffering.  A backache is one of the most common reasons why people visit their GP’s, however, understand your back and how to keep it healthy could mean that you do not have to be one of those people, and you can enjoy your life free from back pain.  We have put together five healthy back tips to get you started.


Keep Straight


From walking to sitting people tend to slouch.  Slouching weakens the core muscles in your abdomen, and in turn, these are not able to adequately support the spine.  It is important to keep your back straight, and your shoulders up, rather than slouching forward with rounded shoulders.  This applies to standing, walking, and sitting.  Walking while using mobile phones to text is a sure fire way to damage your posture.  When walking or standing try and draw your stomach muscles in and up.  If you have a desk job try and sit with a straight back and adjust your screen, so you are looking straight rather than down.


Move It


Exercise plays a vital part in overall health but is also extremely beneficial for spinal health.  Swimming is a great exercise as the water supports the body while allowing the muscles to work, but even walking every day makes a massive amount of difference to your spine.  Get off the bus a stop early, make yourself walk upstairs to use the toilet rather than using those on your level, anything that helps you be more active is great for your back.


Learn to Lift


If you need to lift, heavy items find out how to lift without stressing the back.  To lift correctly the knees and hips should bend.  Do not just bend from the waist and snatch up the item.  If needs be, lift it up onto a lower level, then readjust and lift it so you can carry it.  If the package is too heavy, you should not be attempting to lift it alone.  Have a chat with employers about health and safety and any tools they could provide if your job involves regularly lifting heavy items.




If you have a desk job, it can be tempting to just crack on with work, meaning you are sat down for long periods. Aim to take regular breaks.  Maybe when the phone rings, you can stand as you answer it and move around when you are chatting.  If your job is all desk based be sure to stand up and fidget every half hour or so.  Stretch your body before you carry on.


Be Mindful


Whatever you need to do, consider your back.  Lifting children and driving are other examples of activities that can damage the spinal health, so make sure you consider these.  Car seats should be adjusted for optimal comfort and children need to be carried in the middle of the body, not sat on one hip.